Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Waiting Room

I am sure you dislike sitting in a waiting room for any length of time just as do I.  But sometimes, the waiting room is necessary.  I have returned from my wonderful trip in Guatemala and found myself back in the "waiting room".

I have often asked myself..How do I know what God's plan is for me?  How do I know that what I believe HE wants me to do IS what HE wants or just my idea?  There have been times in my life when I just really felt HE was talking to me and leading me.  Then there have been those times when I wasn't quite sure.  Is it my desire?....or His?  I wish I could tell you that it is during these times that I really turn to prayer...but I must confess that even tho' I know prayer is the answer, I do not have the prayer life which God intends.  Perhaps this is one reason I find myself in the "waiting room".

My desire is to be a medical missionary serving those who are orphans and poor.  I believe God gives each of us special gifts and then calls us to use these gifts for His Kingdom and Glory.  I believe He is calling me to use my gift of nursing to serve others who are in need.  In order to use these gifts to the full benefit of others and to the Glory of God, preparation must be made for a successful mission. This "preparation time" is what I refer to as the "waiting room".

It isn't that work isn't being accomplished, because it is...I find myself busy with research, learning and planning every day.  There are visas and nursing licenses to obtain, job descriptions, work-funds and new languages to learn.  New cultures to study and learn.  Success does not just comes with planning, working AND most importantly (for many of us) praying and listening to what God has planned.

Prayer is our avenue for conversation with our Lord.  We are instructed to "pray without ceasing".  (I Thess. 5:17). Jesus modeled prayer for us.  The "waiting room" is a place where we (I) should definitely be praying continually.  It is during the time of preparation that we most need to listen to God and seek His guidance.  This is the time when we are building our foundation for the mission (work) to come.  We must invite God to give us wisdom, strength, and guidance.  Without Him, we are like the three blind mice running here and there and yet never reaching the goal.

Please join me in praying for God to guide the MRCC missions committee and myself as we seek to do His will.  Let us pray for God to bless our preparations and point us in the direction He wishes us to take.  Pray that I will listen to Him and use my time in the "waiting room" to His Glory.  And that I will allow Him to mold me and shape me into a better disciple.