Saturday, September 28, 2013

September review in Pictures

September is almost gone and my writing has again been poor.  Not writing does not mean that nothing important is means I have been Busy!  I will try to show you the work in pictures with just a few words.

These are the "behind the scenes" guys.  The estate workers.  Some are carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, ditch workers and machine shop workers.  They work wherever needed.  I can keep them busy by myself and yet I am only one of many who require their help daily!

 Pediatric patients lining up for physician rounds.
Paulina, a med student from Germany and Dr. Peter seeing pediatric patients
Leda keeps our medical stores in order.  She and I are planning to put the inventory on computer and design a more efficient system for ordering supplies each month.  Currently it is taking two - three days to determine what supplies are needed.

This is the out-patient waiting area.  Mondays and Tuesdays are usually the busiest.
Paulina and Dr. Peter with other staff performing a C-section.

Francis, our new pharmacy assistant.  We are so glad to have this level of pharmacist.  He is the highest educated pharmacy worker we have had in many years.  He and I are also working on a new system for his ordering process.

Here we are repairing the springs on the pediatric beds and then painting them to make them look good as new.  Let me tell what tho`, carrying those beds up hill from the hospital to a place to paint them was torcher.


 We were also able to get rid of 5 more nasty mattresses and replace them with new ones due to people who donated money to my workfund.  We placed them in the private rooms and also re-covered some chairs which were in bad shape.  I am learning to do all kinds of things!
Three additional beds were put into use in the male ward.  There are many times when patients are lying on the floor because we do not have enough beds.  It is my prayer that those times are less and less.  Since March we have put a total of 7 more beds in service.

 We were also able to purchase 2 new suction machines which were in desperate need.  Previously we only had one for labour and delivery and one for surgery.  Now we have two for use in the wards.


Teaching is another thing I enjoy doing.  Here I am teaching fire safey to the dorm moms (dads). 

 One weekend, we took time away from hospital and had a picnic at God's Bridge.  Relaxing once in a while amoung God's beauiful world is just what the doctor ordered.
 While we were there, a group of school girls arrived.  They were so fun.  They loved Lexi and Paulina. 
James is one of the drivers and my preferred driver.  He also enjoyed the view and the time to relax. 
Here we are having lunch in Mbeya.  This is where we have to go to do our grocery shopping.  Mbeya is about 90 minutes from Chimala..
I saw a brownie mix at the store and was really surprised and excited.  I decided to buy it so we could all enjoy a treat.  I purchased several items along with the brownies and was quite shocked at my total, but paid and continued home.  Once we arrived at home, I looked closer at the receipt only to find that the brownies cost me $18USD!!!!  What????  Guess that will teach me to buy a treat without first checking the price.  NO MORE brownies for me from Tanzania.  And I might add....they weren't worth the price.  Of course, once I knew the cost, they would have never been good enough!
This little one made my day!  Most children are afraid of the white person.  This little girl was laughing out loud at me!  Such a joy for her mother and me.
Dry season in the plains.  This picture is from the village "Kapunga".  I plan to start a mobile clinic here in the near future as well.  These families work during the rainy season in the rice fields, but really struggle at this time of year.

September has been a busy, productive and wonderful month.  I continue to pray that God will provide continued support for this work and allow me to be a part of it.  May God bless all of you.

Monday, September 2, 2013

August Work Update.....

WOW!  REALLY!  Has it been that long since I sent you an update??!! I promise that I have NOT been on vacation or takin` it easy.....

We have been working on a lot of organizational and accounting issues for the past 3 weeks as well as continuing to improve the hospital environment.  In accounting, we are working on a better general ledger spreadshead which will assist us with keeping a closer eye on our income and expenses.  Also, we are developing a new system for our Outpatient accounts where the monies will be collected in the accounting department instead of in the pharmacy.  We would like for our pharmacist to be focused on pharmacy and not accounting functions AND it is wiser to have the monies all collected in the same secure area.

To accomplish the Outpatient Accounting changes, we are making some minor updates and changes to the accounting office.  We are adding a second collection window so we will have one window for Inpatient Accounting and a second one for Outpatient Accounting.  These doors/windows will not be allowed to open, thereby making the accounting/money collection area much safer. 

From these two pictures, you can see from both of the new windows.  Below is Sobi, who is our inpatient collection person.  She is happy to see the changes.

We also painted the area while we were working on it!  Picture of the completed project coming soon!

The new screens and window frames have now been completed in the male ward (OB and female were completed last month) and work will begin on the childrens' ward this weekend.  We are making it harder and harder for those pesky mosquitos to get to our patients!!

The top pic is of one of the windows in which the screen has a big hole.  Below is after the new screen and window frame has been installed. 

The registration area continues to grow.  We have had to add 2 more book shelves this last week.  It is amazing at the number of new patients every day.  Of course, you must remember we changed systems in May and therefore all patients became 'NEW" patients at that point.  However, I would have thought we would have more repeat patients than new ones at this point.....not true.  More than 1300 new this month making our total patients charts more than 6,000!!


As you can see, we now have 4 shelves FULL and have a good start on the 5th one.  I doubt it will take us long to fill the shelf and 1/2 we now have empty.

I am also working on several challenges.  As you know I am still searching for supporters to help fund me and the work I am doing here in Chimala.  The Lord has been providing through many people, but the need continues.

Our laboratory is in need of equipment; we need a machine to perform CBC counts and another one to perform Chemistry profiles.  These are standard blood tests which are performed at doctors' offices and hospitals in America.  At the present time, we are only able to perform one piece of a CBC which is a hemoglobin to check for anemia.  This equipment is very necessary and also very expensive.

Other equipment needs include portable suction machines, a large steam sterilizer for the OR and another commercial washing machine for the laundry.  Please keep our needs in your thoughts and prayers.  I am praying for the monies or for donations of these needed items.  If you are able to help us in any way, please contact me.  My e-mail is

Below is an "advertisement" for another big need we have here at Chimala.  I am definitely praying for an answer to this prayer.  I would love to have at least four short-term medical teams here throughout the year.  Currently, we have one from mid-May to the end of June.  If you know of a group who is looking for a great place to experience short-term missions, please consider making this your destination!!

                 NEEDED:  Dental Services and Supplies

Here at the Chimala Hospital we have a fantastic dental clinic area and a great need for services.  We also have a dental assistance trained in dental hygiene, tooth extraction and more.  HOWEVER, we have been unable to employ a dentist and to obtain dental supplies.  We are seeking Dentists and Dental Assistants who are looking for a GREAT short-term mission experience!  Tanzania is a beautiful country to visit and I assure you that there will be many who you will be able to serve.   Please look at your calendars and let me know when to expect you and we will provide you with an AWESOME experience!