Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 in numbers and pics

Wow, I was terrible about keeping you updated in 2014.  Let's pray I do a better job in 2015.  I must start by telling you that 2014 was a very busy and productive year.  None of the accomplishments listed below would have been possible without those of you who have supported this work.  Let me THANK YOU and ask that you please continue to support us.  If you are not currently a supporter, please consider helping us with this work in 2015.

So let me recap 2014 for you in numbers and accomplishments.


Purified water system implemented for the hospital
Roof built over the water platforms and equipment
Added an additional Registration clerk and window for faster service due to increase in patients
Laboratory remodel begun.  2 out of 3 rooms are complete including new windows and tables
New equipment - CD4 machine and 2 new refrigerators in laboratory
Redesign and building new incinerator to handle the large amount of waste we have
Added additional accounting clerk to help with the large increase in insurance claims
Remodeled all ward bathrooms adding tile to walls and floors, new doors, paint, etc.  Much needed complete over-haul
Weekly nursing classes provided to nursing staff


Free male circumcisions
Free female cervical cancer screens


New patients have increased from 600/month in 2013 to 1,100/month currently
On average, we deliver approximately 250 babies/month
Provide approximately 500 vaccines to children per month
Provide approximately 800 well child exams per month
Average 70-75 in-patients per day.
See an average of 1,100 HIV patients per month


Bible lessons and tracts distributed                                  23,810
Teaching with patients/families                                       31,658
Praying and comforting sick/families                                6,526
Follow-up visits to people in villages                                1,039
Baptisms                                                                                 42
Restorations                                                                            19
New congregations started                           1 with 17 members
Restored churches                                          1 with 6 members


We now have 5 clinics which provide services one day each month to a remote village
              2 were started in 2013 and 3 in 2014
The plan is for an additional 2-3 clinics in 2015
Each clinic averages 50-60 patients
On Oct 28, 2014, we decided to incorporate WBS (World Bible School) with the clinics.  Below are the numbers for just two months of WBS.
                          Number of WBS students                   134
                          Number of students baptized                  3
                          Number coming to church                    14
                          Number restored to the church             11
                          Considering baptism                               9

As you can see by this report, health evangelism is working and offers a great way to reach out to the community for the Lord's Kingdom.  We will continue to pray for support for our efforts and for those who still need to be reached.

Enjoy some of the pictures below: