Thursday, February 20, 2014

Updates on the last few reports

Thought I would update you on what has happened in the last few reports I have given you.  First, Eli has gone back to school.  I have heard from him once informing that he was getting settled in.

The circumcision clinic officially concluded with 668 circumcisions completed.  However, more men and boys continue to come every day, so our staff have continued to perform the procedures.  As of yesterday, the number was close to 800.

As for the bathrooms which are in the toilet.  I will be receiving updates on the amount of donations at the beginning of each week starting next Monday.  If you have not put a check in the mail yet, please stop and take a minutes to do so.  If 100 people would send $50, we would almost have the amount we need.  But in order to get 100 people to donation, I need you to be first.

And finally, I have some very sad news concerning the 4 month old little girl who had been treated by a local doctor.  She had been cut many times across her chest and due to this treatment she sustained a large infected abscess on her shoulder and chest.  This little girl has died dispite treatment at the hospital.  I do have to tell you though that even tho I was sad at first I now feel differently.  This little girl had suffered much in her very young life and I am happy to know that God has removed her from this earthly life and she is now where she will have no pain and suffering.

More to come in a couple of days.  Stay tuned for more news from Chimala.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Help!, I have fallen (into bad disrepair) and can't get up without your help!

Below I am going to show you a picture story of the bathrooms at the Chimala Hospital.  When I arrived one year ago, I found many areas which were in need of improvements but sadly could only do one thing at a time.  I am now looking to fix the horrible disrepair of these bathrooms, but without financial assistance from you I sadly will not be able to fix this short-coming.

As you look at this pictorial, please remember that you (one person) does not have to pay for it all.  If each of you would send what you can then with God's help we will reach the amount needed to bring these bathrooms into a good state of repair.  We need $6,000 to complete this project.  As you look at the pictures, let me explain that it is hard to clean concrete walls.  When we recieve help from our friends to repair the bathrooms, we are going to tile the walls in order to keep them cleaner.  Also as you look at the pictures, please note that much of the plumbing is broken.  Many showers do not work and do not have valves.

AND I wish I could have made these pics "scratch n sniffs", but luckily for you I could not.  The smells have seeped into the walls and wood doors over time and are trapped.  We are also looking to improve ventilation.  Look closely and I bet by the time you get to the 3rd or 4th picture you will be sending us a check. 

 These are pictures of the female ward bathrooms (pics 1-9)  Ladies would you want to use these bathrooms when you were healthy and well?  How about when you are sick? OR  Do you think these might add to your illness?

Note the water will not shut off in this picture.

The next pictures are of the OB ward.  The ladies using these bathrooms have just given birth to newborn babies.

Why have these not been repaired and re-done before this you might be asking.  A couple of reasons.  First, the mission hospital treats patients at a lower cost than other facilities in order to bring healthcare to those who have limited resources; therefore providing a lower amount of profit for improvements.  Second, until I arrived in January, 2013, there was no missionary here specifically looking over the hospital for many years.

Below is the bathroom for the children's ward.  They only have one bathroom and one shower.

 No turn-on handle for the shower.
 Door is rotted.

I saved the best for last.  This is the men's bathroom.  They have 3 shower's, none of which are working and 3 toilet areas.

We will begin one area at a time.  The first thing which we will have to do it to power wash all the walls, floors and doors with bleach water and soap.  Then the walls will have to have concrete repair work done.  Once that has been accomplished we can begin removing old plumbing, tiling the walls and re-installing the plumbing.  Then we can have new doors (which I hope to be metal) and new paint.

PLEASE HELP WITH THIS PROJECT.  Our projected start date is May 1st if the Lord opens your hearts and pocket books to help us.  Please send your tax-free dollars to Chimala Mission,  5371 New York Avenue, Arlington, TX 76018.  Put a small note stating that your donation is for the BR project.

This can be a project for a bible class, school class, other organizations and individuals.  I will keep you updated on the amount we have received and the progress we make as we get started.  I cannot express what this would mean to the patients we treat here in Chimala.



Saturday, February 8, 2014

Medical Home Visit


Home visits are a part of mobile clinics.  Meet Zabibu (on the right) and his brother Doto (on the left). Zabibu is 37 years old and has been paralyzed from the waist down since a bicycle accident 9 years ago.  Doto works for the Chimala Estate.  Both are members of the Mfumbi Church of Christ.  Since he is paralyzed, Zabibu gets around in a modified bicycle pictured below.

Currently,  Zabibu is having severe difficulties with deep wounds to his bottom from sitting so much and not being able to move much.  Rene and I have taught Doto how to perform wet-to-dry dressing changes.  On each Thursday, we go to  house to check the wound and do a dressing change.  I have placed him on antibiotics due to an infection and we will pray for quick healing.  Please keep them in your prayers and pray for the work we are doing in Chimala.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Circumcision Clinic

The government of Tanzanian Health Authority has recently begun a campaign encouraging all males to be circumcised.  Most of the tribes and villages here do not approve of circumcision until the young men reach their teenage years.  Some of the males are never circumcised.
Our hospital began its 10 day campaign for our area on Monday.  We converted one of our minor theatre rooms (ER rooms) into a procedure room with 6 beds.  Along with the staff from the regional hospital, we have 15 - 20 staff working this clinic throughout the day. Each day the team will work from 7am - 9pm.  I am not sure what I expected when I was informed we would be holding this clinic, but I don't think I expected this....

The above picture shows a couple of the beds set up for the procedure.  There are actually 6 beds in this room.
At the beginning of Monday, there were over 200 men and boys waiting to be registered for the procedure.

These nurses are working very hard and fast to get the registrations done so that the patients can be taken to the doctors for their procedure.
One Monday, they performed 104 circumcisions and on Tuesday the count ended at 130.  Pretty amazing setup and teamwork.  Would love to show you more pics...but really not appropriate.  However, I will say that I truly believe circumcision at birth is much better than when these poor boys are older.  My heart hurt for them even though I know that having this done is much better, safer and healthier for them in the long run.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Local Medicine causes much pain

There have been several cases since I have been here where the local medicine (witch doctor) has caused pain, severe infections, need for amputations and even death.   Because the parents believe the local medicine man knows what he is doing, the patient is not brought to us until their health is in really bad shape.  Most of the time I don't share the stories because they are so sad and the pictures so devastating.  However, I have permission to share this one with you.
When I walked into the room to see this 4 month old baby, I was shocked and horrified.

I was informed that this is the local treatment when a child is suspected to have pneumonia.  The local medicine man takes a razor and performs all these cuts on the body to let the infection out.  I could not count the number of cuts because all I could think of was this 4 month old baby screaming while it was tortured in this horrific way.  Now this precious little one has a deep neck infection/abcess which we had to cut open to drain.

She also has horrible skin infections all over her neck, sholders and head.  We have placed her on antibiotics and are praying for her rapid and complete recovery.

It is my prayer that with the increase in the number of mobile medical clinicss we are starting, we will have the opportunity to teach mothers about appropriate treatments.  And these clinics will also offer us the opportunity to identify some of these cases before the reach this advanced state. 
In order for me to continue assisting the Chimala Mission Hospital in making improvements and to perform mobile medical clinics, I will continue to need the assistance from everyone who can possibly help with financial assistance.  The total of funds I need each month for my personal expenses and the expenses of the mobile clinics in is the range of $3,500/month.  At this current time, I am living here month to month.  Some months the money is adequate, other months I wonder if I will be able to continue to stay here and work.  I pray that more of you will find it in your hearts to help me continue to help those in need.  No amount is too small or too large....haha.  If you can help in this much needed work, please send your donation to Chimala Mission, 5371 New York Avenue, Arlington, TX 76018 with a note indicating your donation is for the Cheryl Bode support or workfund.  Thanking you in advance.