Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Lord is adding daily to His Kingdom

The Gospel Chariot has come to Chimala!  For those of who do not know what the Gospel Chariot is, let me give you a little information.

This large red truck travels throughout much of Africa helping to spread the Word of God and teach the Gospel.  This truck is carrying a platform, speakers, chairs, and has a baptistry.  When the truck arrives in Chimala, our preachers join the drivers and travel in our area to many.  Just this week at one village, 17 souls were added to the Lord's kingdom and 2 were restored.  Praise His Name!  Spreading the Word of God is our number 1 priority as missionaries in this land.

The name of Chimala Mission is known all around this country and especially that of the hospital.  While I cannot stand up and preach, I can help the people of this land with their much needed healthcare through the hospital and our mobile medical clinics.  It is amazing how many people I now know and help each month.  By working with the hospital in improving its services and financial status, we are able to reach many who are in need.  We have a wonderful and Godly man who reaches out to the sick daily with prayer, scripture and Bible studies.  Many patients and family members are receiving the Word and following the Gospel.

Much work for the Lord is being done in Chimala and its surrounding area; however, none of these works could be done without the support of our brothers and sisters in America. Many people think about the sacrifices missionaries who go into foreign lands make, but the work is not done by only those who go.  Sacrifices must be made by those who stay behind to support those who go.  I would like to remember those who sacrifice so much back home and I want you to know that your support is reaching the lost and bringing them the Word.

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