Saturday, October 3, 2015

We never know what the 'morrow may bring.....

Many of us, myself included, take tomorrow for granted.  We plan for tomorrow, next week, next month often to the point of not enjoying or living for the day!  Some of us may clarify our plans by stating "if the Lord wills", but we really believe our plans will work out.

Take my plans for this week as an example.  I have been planning a trip to the states for October and November since early this year.  I made my plane reservations in August and had appointments to go to the dentist, eye doctor, dermatologist and to get my hair cut!!  Last week, I began e-mailing friends and others involved in my work here in Tanzania so we could see each other and discuss more future plans.  Then, BOOM!

Everything changes at the drop of a hat!  OR I guess I should say a "slip and fall".  The day before I was to board the plane for America, I slipped getting out of the shower and fell with a THUD on the concrete floor.  All plans have now gone out the window!

I have been transported to Dar es Salaam where I have been in the hospital since Tuesday.  My diagnosis is a "burst" fracture to my L1 vertebra.  I have heard others complain about back pain before, but oh, my!!  This is some definite PAIN.  I am unable to sit or stand for two reasons.
First the pain is excruciating and second because there is fear of a bone fragment doing damage to the spinal column.  At this time, I am so blessed that I can move all extremities without a problem.

Now I am unable to make any plans....this is difficult for me.  It is proving quite difficult to find a way to fly to the states with this problem.  Appointments and meetings are being cancelled until ?????  Everything now depends upon first getting to the states and then on the confirmation of the diagnosis and then a plan of treatment.

What does the 'morrow hold for me?  I am not sure of the path, but this is what I continue to know....

God is good and He is right here with me.  His timing and His plans are always right.
He will help us find the new path which He has planned for me.
I will continue to serve Him and praise His Name.
I will continue to serve the people in Chimala and help them physically and spiritually.

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