Friday, September 26, 2014

From Tanzania to Oregon

The support for the work I do at Chimala Mission comes from many people and many places in the United States.  Most of those who send financial support do not know me personally and neither do I know them.  There is one person who sends support from Oregon.  Just before I left to come visit the states, this lady contacted me to see if I would be interested in visiting her in Oregon.  She told me that she would like to help me raise support by setting me up with places to speak.

At first, I didn't think I could make the time to go all the way to Oregon...I have family to spend time with, I am already making two trip to Texas to meet people and speak, I have several presentations to do in Oklahoma City/Edmond.  There just wouldn't be time.....or would there?

God puts people in our lives for different reasons.  Could this be a door He is opening for me and the Chimala work?  I spend 11 months away from my family, but my dad sat down with me and told me he didn't think I should pass up this opportunity.  So with my families support, I traveled to Oregon for 5 days.

When I stepped off the plane in Oregon, I was met at the gate by a very excited, enthusiastic woman, who would quickly become a friend and sister in Christ.  During this week, I have been welcomed into her home and she has driven me all over this beautiful area.  And it IS beautiful!  The weather has also been awesome!  A wonderful trip overall.

And that is not all!  She had done all the ground work to set me up to speak about Chimala to 5 different churches.  Each church was so welcoming and listened with interest to the work at Chimala. I was able to meet many wonderful and compassionate brothers and sisters in Christ.  I have been able to share the story of Chimala with them and know that God will now work in their hearts.

This has been the most wonderful week and just think if I had pasted it up.  We must always be listening for God.  He will speak to use in many ways and with different opportunities.  I pray that He always gives me wisdom and discernment so that I do not pass up the opportunities which He may be sending my way.


  1. That's great news, Cheryl! Thank you, Lord for providing!

  2. May God see to it that all your journey with be successful like that.