Sunday, September 6, 2015

The joy in my life.... found in ways which may be very different that those of your life.  God brings joy to my life every day in many ways.  Knowing that God is with me, surrounding me, leading me, protecting me and strengthening me is my constant joy.  But then he gives me gifts daily which brings special touches of joy.

Working side-by-side with the special and wonderful staff of Chimala Mission brings deep joy each day.  So many of these people have become very special to me and will always be in my heart.  We have struggled, cried, laughed and prayed together over the last three years and will hopefully have many more challenges and successes in the future.

I am asked frequently to post pictures of my work here and especially pictures with me in them. This is often difficult for two reasons.  When I am working, I am thinking about what I am doing and the people I am helping.  Sometimes, I think afterwards that I should have taken a picture, but the moment is over.  Secondly, some of the things I do would produce pictures which you would not really want to see.  However, I often give tours of the hospital to visitors to our Mission from other countries.  I did this last week and one of the visitors took some pictures.

 This is a picture of our OB nurses and mid-wives who were on duty when we rounded.  The labour beds were full of women in labour and this little one below was just born the day before.

 The hospital does not provide food for the patients.  Their family comes and cooks for them.  The above picture shows our current cooking site.  It is in need of re-building.  The rocks and bricks have broken down over time.  We are looking to re-build with new types of cooking sites which are safer from burns and will provide the women with a work area containing less smoke.

 Here we are all admiring the new laboratory which was completed this year.  The only items which remain to be done are:  1)add tile flooring  2) a bigger blood refrigerator  and 3) obtaining additional laboratory equipment.
 The refrigerator above is our blood bank frig....but as you can see NO BLOOD!  We struggle daily with the need for blood as the district blood bank has no blood and has not had any for more than 2 months.  But thanks to our visitors, 4 units were donated!  And I might add were all used within 5 days.

 Over time, the staff and I have built really good working relationships.  I teach them new things and remind them of things they have forgotten with time.  Over the last 3 years, I have witnessed a huge change in their attitudes and quality of care.
Here family and patients who are able gather to spend time during the day.  We have strict visiting hours because we have wards with many patients.

Last Saturday at my mobile clinic, a man came with a burn to his face.  He is epileptic and fell into the fire.  He had been burned on Monday, but was just coming for treatment.  He had no money for the hospital and was unable to eat due to the facial pain with movement.  We were able to send him to the hospital for treatment and covered his expenses with work fund support which donors send to me.  Of course, I did not take his picture.

We also had a family come to the hospital to inform me that one of the patients we make home visits to was really sick...but again no money to bring him to hospital so could I help them.  We brought him to the hospital as well and were able to improve his health and return him to home. Again, helping him was possible through the work fund support I receive from donors. Without work fund support, many would not receive the care they need.

This little girl came into the hospital about a month ago with facial burns.  She was unable to open her eyes.  As you can imagine, facial burns are very dangerous due to possible respiratory complications.   However, this little girl is doing very well.

Each of the photos and comments I have made above bring me joy.  To be able to help those in need and those less fortunate.  To be able to show love and care to those around me.  To, hopefully, be an example of love and care which will lead them to Jesus.  Joy abounds when you are working with God to help His children.

I wish you all a great day and pray you find joy as well.  Perhaps you can share in my joy by helping support my work fund.  Information is on the right-hand sidebar of this post.  May God be with you and your family always.

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